After a two-part pitch to become Stop & Shop's digital agency of record, we won and began to build the message of ease and everyday celebration across digital platforms. I led the winning pitch and created the following look and feel based on existing assets such as brand colors, logo and font. I then lead my team in executing campaigns across retail periods and placements for every season, holiday, small moment and big occasion in the life of our target market. Our work focused on digital creative both established and new platforms, from social, web banners to Spotify, GumGum pop-ups, Eyeview digital circulars and a plethora of other media placements. The challenges included ever-changing products, fast turn around times and ensuring a cohesive brand look and voice across each above the line and below the line agency.


Digital Display banners focused on fuel for enjoying spring & Holiday feasts

Waze banners highlighting holiday items large and small, available at Stop & Shop

Social promotion to encourage loyalty 


One of my objectives for the brand was to creative proactive digital content. This by no means replaces the effectiveness of the quick-response social content but it can help a brand feel relevant and be a part of the conversation instead of an advert running beside it. In order to do this we created a calendar of events we knew would be approaching, relevant to the target market. For example, snow storms in February and March are a pretty safe bet in New England and a big concern for our customer. Grocery stores also see some of their highest profits during this time. To address this we created two campaigns, one focusing on the crucial role Stop & Shop played in taking the stress out of the storm (ease) and the second highlighted the more fun side of snow days by pairing items you need with items you want, (celebrating the everyday).

Waze banners highlighting storm supplies available at Stop & Shop

Static and animated social posts highlighted the fun and essential items found at Stop & Shop