Social media

The first video "As Big as My Neck' used Instagram stories 'yes'/'no' votes to allow viewers to interact as seen in the frames below. The second video, "Under Review", used emojis of food to have viewers guess which one they thought he would say. In this way we encouraged as much user interaction as possible. 

My role was to create the ideas, the storyboards, the shooting boards and map out every step for client approval. On set and in the edit I gave direction and created all of the graphics used in post. 

Not long after winning the pitch for Stop & Shop's lead digital agency of record we were asked to create a quick-turnaround promotion. As official sponsors of the Patriots we were tasked with inviting people to do their pre-game shopping at Stop & Shop, however we cold not mention 'Superbowl' or 'Patriots' and had 2 days to get ourselves ready. Thankfully Ted Johnson, 3 time Superb#@l champion was on-hand to help us out. We created 3 videos, across Facebook and Instagram with a variety of cuts being used to optimize user engagement.

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