Cengage Unlimited asked us to help them launch their new product a subscription service for textbooks, through a campaign that spoke to what students, who are already paying huge tuition fees, care about most, saving! We used real students to get to the truth about saving hardships in college. We then used these students as the face of the campaign throughout display and social.

Display banners targeting all students looking to save on course materials

Retargeting display banners, positioned to speak to students who 1:came to the site but did not use any of the features, 2:Came to the site and used the calculator tool and 3:Added a book to their cart but did not follow through with the purchase.

Retargeting messaging across Facebook

Display and social banners designed to speak to convert students that had clicked to join the free trial of the product. On the left is the trial users yet to pay and on the right is trial users who bought part of the product but not the full subscription.