Google wanted to host an event  to help educate and entice top level CEOs in Google Cloud's security. The solution was a 2-day event demonstrating the freedom and peace of mind gained when you have the best security for your company. The event started at the buildings exterior where a clean and crisp facade brought guests on a journey from check-in up into the cloud where rooms of interactive education helped bring the benefits to life,


I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at GPJ on this project. My role ranged from event experience ideation, interior decoration to 2-D design for print elements, wayfinding and gift items/ packaging. Since this event I have been fortunate enough to return and continue working with the team on Google projects as a creative lead and I'm excited for more experiential work to come. 

GOOGLE2018_0321_073851-5402_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0321_082639-5651_by PEARCEY P

As guests walked up the ramp from check-in to the 1st floor they entered a hall of lights that lead up to the white silhouette of the Google Cloud logo. The walls were lined with sunglasses inviting guests to 'See where security can take you.' Once guests had put the glasses on the video playing in the cloud became visible at the top of the ramp.

GOOGLE2018_0321_133559-7349_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_075712-8135_by PEARCEY P

We created special edition newspaper for guests to consume information about the event and security as they had their morning coffee on the first floor.

GOOGLE2018_0321_074822-5437_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_075825-8146_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_090843-8307_by PEARCEY P

Afterwards guests were lead across to a new location for lunch. A series of Googlers with branded paddles were used for wayfinding as was signage and carefully placed logos to help guests to the next venue.

GOOGLE2018_0321_121551-6945_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0321_115119-6779_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_102118-8569_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_074927-8087_by PEARCEY P
GOOGLE2018_0322_074634-8075_by PEARCEY P

After the lunch guests sat for a series of talks on the latest in data security. They further interacted with the benefits and met with Googlers to learn how Google could best help their companies.


Afterwards guests collected their items at check-in and picked up their gift bags containing a Chromebook and branded leather case before going home.

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